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Transforming your office or moving to a new one?


We're Dream Workspace, a small interior design company. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses create incredible workspaces. 

How do we do that? 


We're all about bringing a personal touch to every project. From brainstorming to getting everything set up, we've got you covered. Let's make your workspace something special!

Our company is transforming offices by providing various services: interior design, office fit-out, office renovation, small works, and furnishing.

We use creativity, knowledge, passion, and hard work to create your Dream workspace.

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 Founder and Sales manager 


As a Project Manager, I had the opportunity to lead many significant projects, with budgets of several hundred thousand euros.

After eight years of professional experience, combining my expertise in project management with the knowledge and experience of the girls from Dream House Studio, we founded the Dream Team to help companies in Serbia transform their offices.

 Chief Architects 

Ivana & Ivana

As best friends, we always wanted to work together. That wish came true when we both decided to leave our jobs and found Dream House Studio.

Although we look at the space from completely different angles, we complement each other perfectly and that's why our interiors are special.

We have more than 120 successful interior projects and satisfied clients behind us.

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If you are looking for a interior design service for your office, you are exactly where you need to be. We have everything you need to transform your office space.

Not sure what you need?

Click below and let’s get in touch.


We want to help you create amazing workspaces that will attract more clients and inspire your team. That’s why we have a range of workspace services available that can be customized to your specific needs.

Interior Design

#1. Space layout: Office plan that meets all your requirements, provides functionality and elevates communication.


#2. Design concept: Moodboard ideas on the workspace theme, color palette, materials, textures, and lighting as a roadmap.


#3. Visualization: Detailed 3D renders of the approved design to help you better understand how the space will look & feel.


#4. Technical drawings: Technical drawings and instructions as a key input for constructions, whether of bespoke furniture items or electrical layouts.


#5. Furniture procurement: A shopping list of pieces used in the design so that you stay true to the initial concept.


#6. Styling and details: A shopping list with all the details and decorations to bring the final design together, ready for you to use.

Transformation & Makeover

#1. Interior design: Each feature of Interior design is included.


#2. Cost estimate: Gathering ballpark costs for your budget forecast and ensuring your expectations are realistic.


#3. Engineering plans: Technical inputs from external experts such as Lighting and M&E engineers.


#4. Construction supervision: Supervision the contractor as Design Guardians to ensure the integrity of the design.


#5. Furnishing: Specification, sourcing, showroom visits, installation & move-in. Everything to ensure functionality and an overall look.


#6. Styling & details: We'll ensure the styling elements are bought, delivered, and positioned in line with the approved design.


#7. Plants: External experts will help you choose the best plants for your workspace and take care of the setup and monthly maintenance.


#8. Branding: Our partners can take care of the production and installation of your brand elements. It's up to you to provide the design.


#9. Contacts: If you need equipment, office supplies, a security system, or cleaning service... Talk to us. What we can't provide, our partners can.


#10. Business continuity: We'll organize your kitchen, place office supplies on every work desk, and fill your fridge. Just plug in and start working.


#11. Move-in management: Coordination of your move, whether its people, technology, or documentation.


#1. Product specification: We present a range of furniture that suits your brief, considering your budget, lead time, and style preferences.


#2. Product sourcing: Unbiased recommendations based on your unique requirements and previously approved product specifications.


#3. Showroom visits: Showroom visits so you can hand-pick the furniture and get some inspiration. We also provide mock-ups and samples to help you visualize your new space.


#4. Installation & move-in: Our project management team runs the furniture installation, coordinating deliveries to the site and working to assist with the transition.


#5. Plants: We'll hire experts to help you choose the best plants for your workspace. They will take care of the setup and monthly maintenance as well.

We can choose the best options for your requirements together.


We've recieved a wonderful feedback from our partners, who helped us grow and became our friends along the way. Check out what they say about us!


Dana (Megiddo) Maor

CEVA, Inc.

Executive Global VP Human Resources

Wholeheartedly recommend Miloš and Dream Workspace for any interior design project. He is a qualified professional with innovative ideas and perfect execution skills. Miloš has an eye for details, can go with the latest trends, superior communication skills, and most importantly is someone to rely upon and complete the job as agreed on time and in budget. I have consistently been impressed by his exceptional talent, creativity, and professionalism. Dream Workspace created for us a comfortable and ergonomic office.

Luka Petrović


Senior Consultant

 I had the opportunity to work alongside Miloš, and I was impressed by his project management skills. The project was executed for an international client and was based in Belgrade, Serbia. His attention to detail, organizational abilities, and dedication to delivering quality outcomes make him a valuable asset. I confidently recommend Miloš for any office project management role.
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Katarina Jovičić

Studio M DSC.d.o.o


Milos and I worked together on the idea and realisation the CEVA office space.
Milos, together with his team of designers excellently established a connection between the client's wishes and real works. He had a lot of understanding for all the sudden changes during this project. I reccomend him and his team for any kind of cooperation.

Aleksandar Pilipović

Grandum Real Estate

Fitour Coordinator

The team is modern and harmonious. Miloš and the girls are great. They don't know about "not possible" and "can't". They will do everything they can to arrange your space according to your wishes and additionally offer everything you didn't know you needed. They fulfill all wishes and dreams.
Communicating with them is a real pleasure. I know, I worked with them.
Try them too!
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Dedicated project team

You get an exclusive project team and a dedicated Project Leader who will be your sole point of contact, ensuring a deep understanding of your goals and the project.


but great

We're a small company that values agility, attention to detail, and a personalized approach. We're always available to answer your calls and address any project challenges promptly.

One-stop interior solution

Our specialty is interior, but we can assist with other project elements. Our partners span from construction to office supplies. Whatever we cannot help you with, our partners can.

After care, beacause we care

Our relationship won't end on move-in day but will continue evolving like your space. If you want to refresh your space in the future, we'll use our project knowledge to save you time, money, and effort.



Whether you're looking to revitalize your existing office or embark on a new project, our team at Dream Workspace is ready to bring your vision to life.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us create a workspace that inspires success!


+381 64 36 54 239

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